Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Fun

Shane went all out and decorated our place for Halloween this year. I'm blessed to have a husband that knows how to do that sort of thing with taste. :) Shane loves Halloween and dressing up and having fun. He tried to steal his nieces and nephews for trick-or-treating, but their parents wouldn't allow it because they want to enjoy their own kids while they are still young. So, unfortunately for him, he'll just wait until we have our own. So, he just decorated our house to make it fun for the neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Unfortunately, we only had three! But a lot of people driving by would slam on their brakes to at least look at and admire our decorations! We had a bunch of young couples from our ward come over to watch movies and eat stuff and carve pumpkins and just hang out. Shane's parents and siblings and their families stopped by too so we had a lot of fun.

My Mother in law took this pic to show
off my long lashes :) Yes, they are fake! Ha!
My son in his costume :)

The next day, nephew Jaden and niece Jordan came to help clean up. Jordan below is seen with my fake eyelashes. She got a kick out of it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Moku in da basket!"

Moku is our beautiful but nutty cat, and only child for the time being. He's white with Grey strips on his back, BIG gorgeous blue eyes, and a cute, pink little nose. He thinks he's a dog or a person, or anything other than a cat. He plays fetch, and his favorite toys are foam earplugs--no joke. We've tried buying him other toys, but the novelty wears off in about five minutes and then he won't touch them ever again. At least we don't have to spend much on cat toys! The name for his special toys (or his "friends" as we sometimes call them) are called "Fredericks." If we ask Moku, "Where's Frederick?!" he goes nuts and comes running to us from wherever he's hiding in the house. Of course, we don't want to tease him, so we only speak the "F" word if we actually have an earplug to give him. I guess his fascination with earplugs began when Shane was in flight school and would come home at the end of the day and throw his earplugs on the floor. The story of how "Fredericks" got their name is hilarious and one that only Shane can tell, so if you want to hear that story, you'll have to ask Shane sometime. Moku also LOVES to play in odd boxes or bags we may leave around the house. If we leave any kind of box or duffel bag or large paper bag around the house, you can bet he'll plop down in it within a few minutes. He loves when we pick him up in the box or bag and carry him around saying, "Moku in da sack!" or "Moku in da box!" Okay, I know, we're weird, but I do have to say having a pet keeps the mood light in our home and he's just so darn cute! This morning I was on the phone and when I looked over across the room, I noticed our laundry basket was already occupied with a little critter poking out. Here's a picture of "Moku in da basket."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New addition to the family...

We've added a new member to the family... his name is Wall E! Ok, so I can't say I was crazy about the movie, but Wall E the robot is soooo cute! We found him at a Blockbuster for 5 bucks one night while we were buying previously viewed movies (much easier than renting and usually costs about as much!) He has a remote control to move him and he's so much fun! Mostly we wanted him to add to our growing collection of Disney paraphernalia--one day we will have a guest room in everything Disney. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Okay, okay....

So, everyone else seems to be starting their own little family blog, so I thought I'd join the crowd! Not sure how often I'll manage to make postings, but I'll try to keep everyone up on our lives! :)